Chihiro Hasegawa (長谷川 ちひろ), Nami Funakura (船倉 奈美), Kaori Yasuda (安田 香織)

Chihiro Hasegawa (長谷川 ちひろ Hasegawa Chihiro) (born September 23, 1984), also known as Nami Funakura (船倉 奈美) and Kaori Yasuda (安田 香織), is an award-winning Japanese AV idol who has starred in more than 200 adult videos on various labels.

長谷川 ちひろ(はせがわ ちひろ、1984年9月23日 – )は、日本の元AV女優。

Chihiro Hasegawa, シュール・ロリリズム

Hasegawa began her adult video career in 2004 in an unusual fashion for a new AV actress – her first movies involved anal sex (Loli PaiPan M Anal), watersports (Urination Class) and bestiality (Beast King 11). Although she has also made a number of more mainstream adult videos in her career, Hasegawa has often been involved in the more unusual aspects of Japanese pornography from mixed urine and semen drinking (Drink Urine Depth Charge and Gokkun W Maid) to an appearance in one movie (Chihiro Hasegawa – New Half and I) with a transsexual actress, Moe.
Beginning in 2005 she made a number of movies with the Japanese AV studio Dogma which is known for its extreme fetish videos which include bondage, urination, fisting, forced fellatio, and vomiting. She appeared in most of the Dogma series including playing a “hermaphrodite”. Hasegawa also participated in a live SM-Night show with other Dogma studio actresses – known as director TOHJIRO’s M (Masochist) Women – for 200 Dogma fans.
In 2006, at the second D-1 Climax Award ceremony, Hasegawa was given the Erotic Cinderella (エロシンデレラ) award for Best Actress, along with Maki Tomoda and Mayura Hoshitsuki. Her 2007 Dogma video Best of Chihiro Hasegawa commemorated this award with scenes from 5 of her earlier movies and a 30 minute interview (“‘Each film is very special to me,’ says Chihiro”). Also, one of her videos, Dream School 10, done with 7 other actresses, was the Moodyz entry in the 2006 AV Open contest where it took the 2nd Place Award.
Chihiro Hasegawa announced her retirement from the adult video industry and closed her official blog in July 2008. However, she did release two lesbian titles Shaved Lesbian Special Edition and School Girl Lesbian Vol.1 in January 2009.
Apart from her hardcore career, Hasegawa also had a small part in Episode 4 of the TV Asahi romantic comedy series アンナさんのおまめ (Anna-san no Omame), “The Best Friend of Beautiful Anna”, in the Fall of 2006.
Her hobby is playing the piano. She has a teacher’s license for kindergarten in Japan.

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